DNS Server

DNS Server

Get your own free DNS server

Your DNS name server

If you use a reselling services, you have your own web-studio or you just want to get as nameserver your domains were your own nameservers, then the fastest and most inexpensive way to do this – to build on the basis of their nameservers TheHost hosting provider.

Our nameservers are of the form:

  • ns1.thehost.com.ua – IP
  • ns2.thehost.com.ua – IP
  • ns3.thehost.com.ua – IP
  • ns4.thehost.com.ua – IP

To form your own DNS, you just need to create the following DNS records within your domain:

  • ns1.your_domen
  • ns2.your_domen

These records must indicate those same IP address as that of our nameservers listed above.
After you create these entries, you can use for all your domains, working within the infrastructure TheHost hosting provider.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick and easy setup. Transparent use which does not require manual adding domains to external nameservers
  • Safe working with DNS records and does not require any specific skills
  • Savings on the maintenance of their own DNS servers and infrastructure