GoDaddy purchases ManageWP, a multisite WordPress management service

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GoDaddy purchases ManageWP, a multisite WordPress management service


GoDaddy announced on Tuesday that it had purchased the WordPress management service, ManageWP. GoDaddy has confirmed that it will integrate several features across its product line, including GoDaddy Pro and WordPress hosting. While the terms of the deal have not been officially disclosed, Post Status is reporting that the deal is structured on a post-earn-out valuation that is dependent on performance.

ManageWP is specifically targeted at web designers and developers enabling them to manage multiple WordPress installations seamless from a single dashboard. Features include the ability to manage updates, organize backups, clone websites, check a website’s security, benchmark performance and track uptime, prepare reports of actions taken for clients, track SEO rankings, integrate Google Analytics along with many other features to help streamline the management of client websites.

This will work together extremely well with GoDaddy Pro, the system at GoDaddy that enables web designers and developers to manage their hosting products from a single admin. area. Features include the ability to view and access client products, create shared shopping carts to easily send items to purchase to clients, track website performance and uptime, as well as access exclusive Tier 2 support just for Pro clients.

GoDaddy has invested considerable time, effort and resources in promoting their Pro product. It was first launched into Beta in March 2015, with the aim of specifically serving web professionals.

“GoDaddy is serious about investing in WordPress and ManageWP is by far the leading tool for managing WordPress websites,” said Jeff King, SVP of Hosting at GoDaddy. “Together, we’ll bring ManageWP to the scale of GoDaddy, helping web designers and developers save thousands of work hours and touch millions of websites globally, no matter where they are hosted.”

The concept of ManageWP was first dreamed up back in 2010 by Vladimir Prelovac, at the time a successful WordPress developer, consultant and author of the first WordPress development book. The launch of the first release of ManageWP took place in January 2012, and within a month over 100,000 websites were being managed by them. Currently, there are over 280,000 websites being managed by ManageWP, with the company employing “28 dedicated experts”.

“GoDaddy and ManageWP have a shared vision to empower the WordPress community and build great technology,” said Vladimir Prelovac, Founder at ManageWP. “We’re both powered by the cloud, which will simplify product integration and accelerate next-generation product development. Combining both companies is a great win for web developers and designers around the world.”

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