Rubrik Acquires Datos IO for New-Gen Cloud DB Management

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Rubrik Acquires Datos IO for New-Gen Cloud DB Management


Acquisition will add necessary support for managing cloud native applications, NoSQL databases and big data file systems.

Cloud management provider Rubrik revealed Feb. 6 that it will acquire Datos IO, a rising developer of backup and recovery software for cloud-native NoSQL databases and big data file systems. Terms of the transaction were not released.

Datos IO, which came out of stealth only 2 ½ years ago, built its reputation as a data protection provider specifically for NoSQL databases but has since branched out to cover all cloud-based apps. It handles data management in the cloud for databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase and Amazon DynamoDB, in addition to big-data file systems such as Cloudera and Hortonworks.

Datos IO’s latest version of its flagship platform, RecoverX, which came out last November, features new capabilities involving advanced recovery, enterprise security and geo-distributed backup and recovery.

While Rubrik’s platform also works in both on-premises and cloud systems, it is now able to expand its offering when it comes to NoSQL databases in the cloud, which require specific expertise. As a result, Rubrik is opening a new business unit—not surprisingly called Rubrik Datos IO—that will maintain the entire Datos IO team, CEO and co-founder Bipul Sinha told eWEEK.

Rubrik basically wants all its customers to forget about the intricacies of IT data storage management so its automated processes can handle all of it. Its scale-out software provides data protection of cloud-native applications that run in AWS, Microsoft Azure or both.

Now, with Datos IO, it can manage a lot more types of data management use cases.

The deal came together in a short time—about 45 days, Sinha said—despite the fact that the two companies hadn’t partnered together on a project.

“We hadn’t worked together to sell a solution, but we had been observing them in some of our customers,” Sinha said. “We already do cloud-native (data management), but they do some very interesting things in databases, like point-in-time recovery and sub-setting of data, for these new-generation databases.”

Doors Open to More Large Enterprise Jobs

Rubrik has always been about new-gen hybrid storage systems comprised of on-premises hardware combined with cloud services, but with Datos IO, the doors are now open to many use cases it couldn’t handle previously for application and DevOps teams at Fortune 500 companies.

Rubrik and Datos IO share a common idea for building a control plane that can automate, orchestrate and secure data anywhere, Sinha said. By bringing together the two companies’ complementary product portfolios, Rubrik accelerates its mission to become the premier cloud platform for enterprises to orchestrate application data across datacenter and public cloud.

Datos IO has filed 22 patents with foundational innovations in application-aware data management for enterprise use cases of backup and recovery, test/dev refresh, in-place analytics and cloud mobility. Fortune 100 companies have picked Datos IO to protect and manage their cloud applications, including three of the top Fortune 15 companies and the world’s largest home improvement retailer, Sinha said.

Enterprises use these cloud databases and file systems to power applications in domains that include the internet of things, artificial intelligence/machine learning, real-time analytics, eCommerce, security and mobile analytics.

Datos IO will continue to be led by co-founder and CEO Tarun Thakur in the new business unit and will report to Sinha.

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