Startup Komprise Getting Traction in Tough-to-Crack Storage Market

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Startup Komprise Getting Traction in Tough-to-Crack Storage Market

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By using analytics, Komprise identifies the data best suited for the cloud, then transparently archives and replicates the data.

Privately held analytics-driven data management startup Komprise has updated its platform and revealed some end-of-year business numbers.

The 3-year-old Campbell, Calif.-based company said it recorded record global sales growth despite tremendous competition in the data storage market. It claims a 500 percent year-over-year increase in the number of enterprise customers across all industries and regions–including dozens of Fortune 500 organizations, COO Krishna Subramanian told eWEEK.

Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management provides an alternative to more expensive solutions from larger, more well-known vendors. The company’s IDM platform enables customers to lower NAS (network-attached storage) costs and ongoing cloud operations by using analytics to intelligently automate archiving and replication/disaster recovery. The  service also provides  transparent access of data across on-premises NAS storage and the cloud, Subramanian said.

By using analytics, Komprise identifies the data best suited for the cloud, then transparently archives and replicates the data. Customer-defined policies are automated by Komprise to move and manage data across on-premises NAS storage and the appropriate storage tiers, in such a way that users and applications continue to see the data as files on their NAS storage.

Based on customer demand, Komprise’s new all 2017 version offers the following features:

  • Ongoing Data Lifecycle Management: Komprise enables businesses to leverage different classes of storage across different vendors and clouds. For instance, customers can now move cold data from any on premise NAS storage to a cloud such as Amazon Web Services S3 or Google Nearline and after the data gets colder due to inactivity, move it to a less expensive tier, such as AWS S3 IA or Glacier or Google Coldline.
  • Data Confinement: While most data continues to remain valuable to an organization, sometimes data outlives its purpose or retention period and needs to either be no longer accessible to users or even entirely deleted. For example, many organizations are looking at ways to comply with the new GDPR regulations in Europe. Historically, identifying such data and validating that it is indeed obsolete and no one is using it any longer has not been easy. Komprise now provides a capability where businesses can identify such data and based on customer-defined policies, Komprise moves that data to a confined location outside the user and application namespace. IT can validate that users and applications no longer require the data before taking further action on it, such as deleting it.
  • Deep Analytics Beta: Komprise analyzes data across storage and indexes metadata no matter where the data sits. Komprise efficiently manages metadata without central databases or in-memory resources that create single points of failure and cause scalability issues. Instead, the Komprise Grid is a patent-pending, distributed, fault-tolerant scale-out architecture that indexes and analyzes data across storage and provides analytics into metadata without any central bottlenecks or in-memory databases.
  • Support for NetApp ONTAP 9: Komprise now supports NetApp ONTAP 9 in addition to NetApp ONTAP 8, NetApp ONTAP 8/7 Mode, and NetApp ONTAP 7.

Subramanian said Komprise set records for growth in 2017. In less than three years, she said, Komprise has accomplished the following:

  • grew employee base worldwide with new field offices across the globe;
  • hit 500 percent annual customer growth across segments: financial services, engineering/manufacturing, genomics, education, public sector;
  • partnerships with major storage and cloud industry players, and channel relationships;
  • three new key product releases, supporting different NFS, SMB/CIFS, Object and cloud platforms; and
  • received eight industry awards including CRN Tech Innovator, Gartner Cool Vendor, CRN Emerging Vendors and CRN Women of the Channel, among others.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management 2.6 is available now. Pricing is based on the amount of data managed, and for $0.007/GB/month, users can analyze data, manage and move it by policy and replicate/copy it. For more information, go here.

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