Network & Equipment

Behind the scenes, your website is routed through a world-class network of equipment. We continuously invest in our infrastructure, hardware and software ensuring a rock solid, worry-free home for your website.

Our routers are made redundant through the use of OSPF Protocol. Our server clusters use multiple Cisco CSS and F5 BigIP Load Balancing switches designed for failover. PowWeb also uses industry-leading hardware from Foundry and Juniper Networks.

Web-Hosting Servers

T he internet has so much content that it'd take tens of thousands of years to see it all. This information has to be physically stored somewhere, just like your music and photos need to be stored on your personal computer at home. So, where is the internet stored? Today, almost all of the internet's content is stored on special computers called servers. These computers don't have monitors, or keyboards, or anything that you might see on a typical desktop computer. These computers are specifically designed to allow a lot of different people to access a ton of information all at the same time. Effectively, these servers are designed to host the world wide web.

Our partners