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What is Voip Exchange?

Voip Exchange is an online trading platform for voice traffic. The service is addressed to telecom operators interested in buying or selling voice traffic carried in VoIP technology. The platform replaces traditional one-to-one interconnects for a central point of traffic exchange between multiple operators. The direct exchange of traffic between all participants reduces costs by eliminating the middlemen. It also raises the quality of calls by reducing the transmission path and avoiding unnecessary conversion of VoIP-PSTN-VoIP, which takes place in many traditionally used solutions. Bringing together multiple operators in one place creates a great opportunity to trade voice traffic directly between networks of different sizes. Small operators can send traffic to Tier-1 carriers and vice versa. Members of Voip Exchange constitute a large purchasing group. Thanks to the aggregated volume of traffic, all members can benefit from obtaining better rates on termination to larger carriers than rates, that they could obtain while acting alone.

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VoIP telephony choice best plan for you! Prices are constantly updated and growing market. An increasing number of participants.

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Tier-1 quality at wholesale prices
150 Concurring calls
IP interconnection via the Public Internet
2 options on a call-by-call basis:
Prepayment and real time online balance reporting
Neither setup nor capacity costs
Immediate e-invoicing
Daily web reporting

High quality or Efficient Cost

First Class
Highest Quality
CLI Guarantee
Global coverage
Business Class
Cost driven
Market quality
Global coverage


Remote Server service is very individual task.
Our System offers voice traffic exchange using SIP and H.323 VoIP protocols for telecommunication operators and corporate users to any network worldwide. Our Premium route is high quality, reliable and has CLI enabled service for demanding retail customers. Our Standard route is made for wholesale operators, offering the best rates available. We provide a test setup within 24 hours after receiving your interconnection form in order for our customers to evaluate our service. We have an individual approach with each client, providing optimal and customized solutions. We can analyze your targets and prepare a custom offer based on your specific needs. Our System welcomes new partners and we look forward to partnering with You. Our System provides services for small companies and individuals.

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Application and features

Dedicated Server

Type of hosting in which the client is provided with a separate physical machine. Generally dedicated server is used to run applications that can not coexist on the same server with other projects or have high resource requirements. The owner of the dedicated server, free to change the configuration of your computer, install any operating system version on the server to hold all the technical work, it does not interfere with the work of other services and servers. Frequently, in addition to the dedicated server provides access KVM / IP, it allows to remotely configure and BIOS software.

Virtual Dedicated Server/Virtual Private Servert

The service in which user is provided with a so-called virtual dedicated server. The plan for the most part it is the operating system control corresponds to a physical dedicated server. In particular: root-access, private IP-addresses, ports, filtering rules and routing tables. Inside a virtual dedicated server, you can create your own versions of system libraries or modify existing, VPS owner can delete, add, modify any file, including files in the root and other service directories, and install custom applications or customize / modify any available to him the application software.

Questions and answers

Transparent pricing scheme. You pay only for inbound traffic cleared.
2Personal setup
–°leaning parameters can be adjusted specifically for the requirements of the project.
Upon request, we provide access to the reporting system of cleaning, including the amount and duration of attacks.

As we clear traffic?

We give you the protected IP-addresses (one is included in the base rate, and additional addresses are available in the Control Panel) and select special channel for protected traffic.

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