Why our hosting?

Why is it worth choosing

Our company offers the best service available in the market.


All your data and files are securely protected.


We guarantee the stable operation of servers. You will never have any problems with access.

Technical support

In case of any technical issues, support staff is ready to answer 24/7

DDoS Protection

The service helps to reduce the risk of unavailability of the site and prevent the loss of customers.

How we do it?

We shared hosting is an art. Every day we are working to improve the capabilities of our web hosting and make it more intuitive and easier to use. If you are a programmer or web-designer, you can manage the versions of PHP and the settings for their sites hosted, work on SSH, read and analyze logs, to flexibly configure the protection against all sorts of attacks on websites, free to connect our CDN, and more. If you are a regular user, a few clicks of the mouse, you can put your Joomla or Wordpress, and we are going to monitor the security and updates.

  • We sell all over the world.
  • Satisfaction or money refund guaranteed.
  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • 24 hours shipping.
  • We provide best tools ever.

Site Security We pay great attention to security sites are located on our servers. The following describes the basic functions of the control panel for this purpose: Control changes to files hosting account. The system automatically keeps track of changes to your account, and sends a notice with a list of changed files; Control of brute force (password cracking) in the closed part of the popular CMS. In case of more than 5 failed login attempts, there is an automatic blocking IP addresses from being accessed; Restricting access to the page / directory with an additional code page issue, which takes place the first call forwarding; Control HTTP traffic to the site; Checking the site in the databases of phishing and viruses Yandex and Google search engines; Automatic update of Joomla, Wordpress connected in our version control system.

Learn more about hosting services

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients.


Use our servers at maximum speed. And we are working to expand our capabilities.


A huge number of domains directed to our hosting. they are becoming more and more every day.

app projects

The rapidly growing mobile applications market. Our servers are ready for them.

years of experience

We have great experience and it allows us to overcome any difficulties in our business.

Choose hosting line and start today

We have prepared ready-made solutions for you. Simply select the best package for you.


$150/ monthly

  • 2GB Space amount
  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security
  • 5 MySQL Databases


$290/ monthly

  • 10GB Space amount
  • 20 users
  • 30GB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security
  • 20 MySQL Databases


$390/ monthly

  • 30GB Space amount
  • Unlimited users
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security
  • DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
For safety reasons, before buying the package, you need to register on our website. Once your data will be checked your account will be activated.

Application and features

Free DNS Server

If you use a reselling services, you have your own web-studio or you just want to get as nameservers your domains were your own nameservers, then the fastest and most inexpensive way to do this - to build on the basis of their nameservers hosting provider

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Backup Account

Our company makes a backup copy of your hosting account every day. Store files during the month. All backups are available to you in your office. At any time you can restore your entire account from a backup for any date.

Questions and answers

Transparent pricing scheme. You pay only for inbound traffic cleared.
2Personal setup
Сleaning parameters can be adjusted specifically for the requirements of the project.
Upon request, we provide access to the reporting system of cleaning, including the amount and duration of attacks.

How we clear traffic?

We give you the protected IP-addresses (one is included in the base rate, and additional addresses are available in the Control Panel) and select special channel for protected traffic.

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